We combine international legislation in one law firm.

Kancelaria BKT Wrocław - zespół

As an International Law Firm, we have been specializing in international cases concerning the legal situation of Poles abroad for many years, as well as in comprehensive legal services for foreigners. We successfully advise on the basis of knowledge of the legislation of many countries, cooperating in this respect with specialists in various fields of law.

We give you access to the knowledge and experience of experts in various fields of law, thanks to which you can receive comprehensive legal assistance without having to turn to various entities for support. Having an interdisciplinary team of consultants enables faster and more effective problem solving, which saves time and costs. We can represent your interests both in tax, administrative and civil law matters within the legislation of the entire European Union and even beyond it. Our Consortium consists of tax advisors, lawyers with various specializations, property appraisers and Payroll specialists. We treat the world as a global village where borders are blurring.

Pillars of the scope of services:

  • Support for business entities and Polish citizens abroad
  • Support for foreign business entities and foreigners in Poland


Comprehensiveness and analysis

Thanks to a qualified team of lawyers, we provide comprehensive services in cases that are further complicated by the fact that they concern the legal systems of different countries.

High legal competence

We act quickly, we work precisely, also under time pressure. We solve difficult and complicated legal problems. Our Law Firm is entered on the list of Legal Advisers of the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Wrocław under the number WR-3344.

Reliability and punctuality

We focus on specific actions aimed directly at the goal, i.e. solving the client's problem. We meticulously analyze each case and propose an individual assistance strategy based on the letter of the law.

Trust and credibility

Our clients turn to us when their legal problems require above-standard solutions and constant, reliable legal services. We achieve good results thanks to the efficient organization of work and the commitment of our team.


We have many years of experience and we systematically care about improving our knowledge, meeting the expectations of our most demanding customers.


As an International Law Firm, we handle cases in the field of international law in four foreign languages: English, German, Russian and Spanish.

Our mission

The mission of our Law Firm is comprehensive support in the field of international law based on high quality, many years of experience and competence. Let's combine international legislation in one law firm.

We advise in a friendly formula of empathic communication thanks to a multilingual team of lawyers and legal advisors. We are eco-friendly, we share respect for the environment and multiculturalism.

International Law Office - structure

It is built on the pillars of three Departments dedicated to business entities and individual clients in order to provide the best possible legal services in the field of cross-border cases.



Kancelaria Prawa Międzynarodowego Wrocław


We explain the differences and obligations in the field of international law.

I graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Szczecin in 1998. Since then, I have been tirelessly gaining experience by providing legal services for businesses and individuals both in Poland and abroad.

I have experience in providing services to business entities. For many years, I have been advising the governing bodies of companies, working inside the corporation as an in-house lawyer, dealing with broadly understood economic issues. This job taught me a business approach to my profession. When advising clients, I always try to see the business goal guiding entities operating with a focus on profit.

Due to my fluent command of the German language, I specialized the law firm’s services in legal advice for German-speaking companies in the field of Polish commercial, corporate and labor law. I am happy to advise on cross-border matters not only to entrepreneurs but also to individuals.

Over the years of working as a lawyer, I provide legal assistance to Poles abroad, as well as to foreigners in Poland.

Man has always been at the center of my interests. Hence, in a natural way, I accepted the need to provide legal assistance to individuals. I called my field of activity in this area Law in the Family, because it is the foundation of the most valuable values ​​and our global prosperity depends on it.

In addition, I run a typical professional activity of a legal adviser. I represent clients before administrative authorities and courts of all instances, including the Supreme Court. I represent clients in cases before foreign courts and administrative authorities.

I am entered on the List of Legal Advisers of the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Wrocław under the number WR-3344.

Kamila Reterska - Kancelaria Prawa Międzynarodowego

Kamila Reterska

A graduate of the University of Economics in Wrocław and post-graduate studies in Real Estate, Master of Economics. She speaks three foreign languages: English, Spanish, German. At the Law Firm, she serves as an Assistant to the Legal Counsel.

AGATA WSZĘDYBYŁ - Kancelaria Prawa Międzynarodowego


Legal trainee at OIRP in Wrocław. Specializes in providing legal services to German-speaking clients and advises on German law; primarily in the field of family law, inheritance law, labor law and legal services for entrepreneurs. In 2020, she completed both Polish and German law studies at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder), obtaining the professional title of Master of German and Polish Law. She is fluent in German. She has the powers of a mediator.

Michał Wojdygowski - Kancelaria Prawa Międzynarodowego

Michał Wojdygowski

Legal trainee at OIRP in Wrocław. He specializes in providing legal services to English-speaking clients and advises on Polish and European law; primarily in the field of family law, inheritance law, labor law, real estate law and legal services for entrepreneurs.