How to use online legal advice? It’s easy!

You can pay the fee of 54 euro in a convenient way for you. You can do this by making a transfer to our bank account listed in the “contact” tab or directly through the przelewy24 system by clicking the brown button next to the picture.

After pressing the button, please provide us with your details. They will be used to contact you and for this purpose only.

We will call back and, once the payment is registered on the Law Firm’s account, we will arrange with you the time and method of connecting with a legal advisor.

Who will provide you with legal advice?

Online legal assistance is identical to that provided at the Law Office. A lawyer with many years of experience will look for a solution to your legal problem.

Dedicated Solutions

A personalized approach to each client means that the firm focuses on providing services tailored to the client’s needs, not on standard solutions. How do we do this? We analyze your needs and goals to understand what you expect from the service, then tailor the service to your needs to meet your expectations, to give you added value in the form of achieving your intentions and goals, your goals.