Entrepreneur. If you operate in the field of heat pump installation, whether for private individuals or industrial facilities and you are considering entering the German market with your services it is essential to familiarize yourself with our latest article. It will provide you with information on the requirements you need to meet and the legal regulations you must consider to ensure a secure foundation for your business development in the German market.

Who can install heat pumps in Germany? The answer to the above question is somewhat paradoxical and is -anyone can. In Germany, anyone can carry out the installation of a heat pump for their own needs. However, in practice this task is primarily undertaken by professional companies operating in the plumbing industry, dealing with the installation of heating and sanitary systems, as well as companies from the electrical industry employing qualified electricians. Certified, narrowly specialized heat pump installers also perform heat pump installation in Germany. During the certified heat pump installer course, issues related to sizing heat pumps and other heat sources, environmental impact of heat pumps, as well as installation, commissioning, and maintenance of heat pumps are addressed. However, completing such a course is not essential for performing tasks related to heat pump installations.

Regarding the necessary qualifications required for heat pump installations in Germany, the first aspect to consider is the European – level qualifications that allow you to work in heat pump installations throughout Europe. To obtain the European EUCERT certificate, one must complete specialized training, document professional experience, and pass an exam organized under the European System for Training and Certification of Heat Pump Installers. The certificate is valid for three years. The training and exams are organized by the Polish Organization for the Development of Heat Pump Technologies.

Typically, German qualifications possessed by heat pump installers include completion of the so-called “Ausbildung” in the field of sanitary, heating and air conditioning installation. Such education can be obtained, for example, by attending a course at a professional association. Heat pump installers in Germany often have additional qualifications related to completing suitable for the profession of electronics technician. Individuals with education is this area involved in various tasks, including photovoltaic systems, connections and distribution systems, networks, as well as heat pumps and lighting systems. Information about available positions for individuals seeking education as an electronics technician can be found on the websites of the relevant German regional craft chambers. For heat pump installations using so – called f-gases, additional qualifications are necessary – completion of “ Ausbildung” as a refrigeration system installer ( Kaelteanlagenbauer ), metchatronics technican specializing in refrigeration technology ( Mechatroniker fuer Kaeltetechnik ), state – certified technician specializing in refrigeration system technology ( Techniker der Fachrichtung Kaelteanlagentechnik), or completion of studies I refrigeration technology as an engineer.

Qualifications and certificates obtained in Poland, both in terms of necessary qualifications for heat pump installations and work on devices using f – gases, are closely related to the issue of their recognition in Germany (Anerkennung). The procedure for recognizing foreign qualifications is carried out by the competent German authority, which compares the possessed professional qualifications with Germanqualifications, taking into account professional experience and other qualifications. There are professions for which obtaining recognition is essential ( regulated professions), including electronics technician ( Elektorniker ) or refrigeration system installer (Kaelteanlagenbauer). On the other hand, obtaining recogniction for professions other than regulated ones is voluntary but allows obtaining an official, German – language document that can be presented to German contractors.

In the case of professional qualifications held by third-country nationals , it is generally necessary to obtain recognition for all professions. The application for the procedure related to the recognition for all professions. The application for the procedure related to the recognition of qualifications should be submitted while still in the country of origin. In addition, attention should be paid to other obligations that must be fulfilled in connection with the work performed by third-country nationals in Germany, including obtaining the necessary visa.

Certificate for the Company – Is Obtaining a License Necessary?

Companies that carry out work related to the installation, repair, maintenance, servicing and decommissioning of heat pumps on German territory must obtain the appropriate German certificate, known as “Unternehmenszertifikat”. The company can obtain this certificate by submitting a complete set of necessary documents to the relevant authority. Additionally, the company must demonstrate that it has a sufficient number of employees in relation to the planned scope of activities. Moreover, it must show that the employees possess the necessary qualifications, as mentioned earlier. It is also essential to indicate that the employees have access to the necessary work tools and are familiar with the appropriate procedures.

Certificates issued to companies in other EU member states or in countries that are parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area are recognized as equivalent if they are analogous in terms of certification scope to the German certificate. To recognize a foreign certificate, it is necessary to submit a certified copy of the certificate and its sworn translation into the German language to the German authority.

The cost of company certification ranges from 100 to 700 Euros.

Entrepreneur’s Responsibilities Related to Industry Affiliation.

Finally, it is essential to briefly mention the employer’s obligations that will arise from the qualification of their company in a specific industry. For companies exclusively involved in heat pump installation, primarily two industries come into play – the electrical industry and the construction industry. The industry to which a particular company will belong depends on the specific case and nature of the work carried out within the company. It is crucial to consider specific industry agreements that regulate issues such as the minimum wage that the entrepreneur is obliged to pay to their employees when they work in Germany. Furthermore, each industry is governed by different regulations – for example, within the construction industry, additional taxes and social security contributions for employees must be paid. It should be noted that the entrepreneur’s obligations in the area of heat pump installation will also depend on the legal form in which they choose to operate in Germany and the type of employees they use for heat pump installation. Different requirements will apply to an entrepreneur who only send employees to Germany to perform specific tasks related to installation and to another entrepreneur who decides to open a German limited liability company (GmbH), for example.

Entrepreneur, if navigating through the maze of industry regulations is challenging for you and you are unsure of the obligations you must fulfill when entering the German market with your business, please do not hesitate to contact us – we would be happy to discuss new opportunities and prospects for your business.